• Jobs for Retired Registered Nurses

    Jobs for Retired Registerd NursesIf you're a retired nurse looking for new opportunities to enter the workforce on a temporary basis, it's time to consider travel nursing jobs for retired nurses. At NurseChoice, we specialize in this great option that allows licensed RNs to reignite their nursing careers in retired nurse jobs that give them the ability to schedule their work life around retirement.

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    Retirement Jobs for Nurses- You've Still Got a Lot to Give

    We understand that you've made a great life for yourself in retirement, but our selection of jobs for retired nurses provides a unique opportunity to get closer to the things that make you happy. And, NurseChoice makes the process so easy, providing end-to-end support as you reemerge into the lucrative world of travel nursing, including helping you get licensed in any state where you'd like to work, providing all housing and accommodations free-of-charge, along with full benefits like DAY ONE healthcare, dental, life and other great perks. 

      Here's why clinicians in jobs for retired nurses love NurseChoice:

    • Work when you want, in short-term nursing contracts from 4, 8, and 13 weeks or longer
    • Combine time with children, grandchildren or relatives while working in great facilities near them
    • Plan sightseeing adventures in great parts of the country around your work schedule
    • Because you've still got a lot to give, and your nursing experience is priceless
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