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High-Pay Northern California Nursing Jobs - New Contracts, Now Staffing!

Adult and Children's Specialties Needed

Start Date Range
Pay Rate
Many over $50 per hour
36-48 hours/week
Short and Long-Term
Adult and Children's
Northern California
Travel Nursing Jobs
Benefits of Travel Nursing
Refer an RN and Earn

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Travel Nursing Jobs

Browse the industry’s largest database of high-pay travel nursing jobs. Start earning more and advancing your career with a travel nurse job from NurseChoice.

Why Choose Travel Nursing?

Why Choose Travel Nursing?

Learn about the benefits of being a travel nurse and what a career in travel nursing can do for you personally and professionally.

Refer an RN and Earn

Travel Nurse Referral

Do you know an RN who enjoys adventure? Refer a nurse and earn up to $2,000 with NurseChoice’s travel nurse referral program.  

Travel rn nursing jobs and salary information, including critical staffing support and high-pay travel nursing assignments

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