Contract Nursing August 9, 2021

By Kelley Barnes, contributor

What is Rapid Response Nursing?

If you’re curious about rapid response nursing, then look no further. Rapid Response Nursing (RRN) are medical professionals who provide critical care expertise for the patient (or as needed). A rapid response nurse’s role is imperative to that of the Rapid Response Team (or the Medical Emergency Team), whose purpose is to treat patients who demonstrate signs of clinical deterioration before ICU transfer, cardiac arrest, or death. Over the years, these clinicians continue to prove that their presence in hospitals is vital to reducing mortality rates. Let’s take a deeper look at Rapid Response Nursing:


When to Call a Rapid Response Nurse

  • Heart rate over 140/min or less than 40/min
  • Respiratory rate over 28/min or less than 8/min
  • Blood pressure greater than 180 mmHg or less than 90 mmHg
  • Oxygen level less than than 90%
  • Severe change in mental status
  • Decreased urine output more minor 50c over 4 hours
  • Staff concern about the patient’s condition
  • Chest pain
  • Airway obstruction
  • Seizure
  • Unbearable pain



  • Respond to emergencies
  • Follow-up with all patients discharged from ICU
  • Proactively evaluate high-risk patients
  • Educate ward staff and act as a liaison


Perceived Benefits of Rapid Response Nursing to Organizations/Staff Members/and Patients:

  • Promoting positive patient and organizational outcomes
  • Reducing cost, improving satisfaction
  • Receiving expert help
  • Learning opportunity for Rapid Response Team to educate hospital staff on the floor
  • Helping reduce work stress
  • Early recognition and intervention
  • Better patient care and experience


Why You Should Consider a Rapid Response Nurse Job

  • Work shorter assignments If you’re looking for a short-term contract between 2-8 weeks, then a rapid response travel nurse job is right for you.
  • Are you a wanderlust? Travel nurse jobs are perfect for working anywhere of your choice—from Alabama to New York to Missouri to Georgia; the possibilities are endless.
  • Flexible assignments When you work with NurseChoice, you can take a contract job ranging from 2-4 weeks—shorter than the standard contracts that last 13 weeks or longer.
  • Maximize your earning potential According to the Gypsy Nurse, depending on the severity of the need of the hospital, the Rapid Response Nurse can earn significantly more than the traditional travel nurse. Hospitals seek rapid response nurses when there’s an urgent need for their expertise.


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