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The Rewards of Becoming a Contract OR Nurse

As with any medical contract position, the advantages and disadvantages go together. One must consider if the good outweighs the bad or vice versa. Becoming a contract operating room nurse is not for the weak; however, the position offers several benefits that pale in comparison to the drawbacks. If you’ve ever considered a job as a contract OR nurse, read below for our list of rewards that await you.

  1. Freedom

One of the best things about becoming a contract OR nurse is the ability to pick your schedule and work location that best suits your needs. Sign me up!

  1. Camaraderie

According to American Mobile, the central characteristic of preoperative care is teamwork. When each team member has a crucial role in the health or detriment of the patient, the foundation that holds it all together is trust. Trust is needed when complications arise when surgeries go into crisis management, and surgeons rely on nurses to anticipate their needs and work together efficiently. And it’s this intense form of togetherness that can make the nursing work environment, while hectic, enjoyable.

  1. Satisfaction, guaranteed.

Caring for patients before, during, and after invasive surgery or a medical procedure is an essential part of your role. Knowing that you have a hand in saving lives is enough to give you a sense of both personal and job satisfaction.

  1. Always a student

As a crisis nurse, you likely spend much of your life indoors helping others. Help yourself to some fresh air and a solid dose of Vitamin D by getting outside whenever possible. Use your break to soak up some rays, or spend your off days doing outdoor activities.

  1. $$$

We all know that money serves as an excellent resource for a lot of things. When you sign up for an operating room nurse job, the financial rewards are impressive. Depending on location, contract operating room nurses can take home up to $4,774 weekly: Cha-ching.

  1. Work, work, work

The demand for OR contract nurses is far from slim. There’s always a need for your services, and therefore, you will most likely always have a job. Your expertise, skills, and willingness to work are integral to your success as an OR nurse.

The many benefits a perioperative nurse enjoys range from autonomy to great pay. Not to mention the nature of the operating room encourages a team-oriented environment that fosters trust and camaraderie among coworkers, translation out of the operating room. It’s a job that is incredibly rewarding on all fronts, as it offers you a space to make a difference in the lives of others and position you for career success.

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