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5 Tips for Finding a Nursing Student Internship

internships-for-nursing-studentsby Brook Jillings

Internships for nursing students are often overlooked when the summer break hits, but the benefits offered through these positions can have a huge impact on your new grad nurse career.

Some internships pay, and give nursing students the opportunity to explore specialty areas and gain proficiency in many of the nursing skills required. 

If you're interested in finding internships for nursing students, check out these five tips to find the position that fits your needs.

5 Tips for Finding Internships for Nursing Students

1. Start your search early

Internships are often structured at specific times throughout the year, so it's important to begin your search early so you don't miss an opportunity. Most internships for nursing students have hard deadlines that must be met. 

If you plan on taking an internship position in the summer, don't wait until spring classes are over to start looking. You may find most positions have been filled and those that are left are not as desirable.

2. Check places you want to work

If you already have your eye on a medical facility where you'd like to begin your nursing career, check to see if it offers internships for nursing students. 

This gives you an opportunity to experience the professional climate and begin building your professional network. If you make a positive impression on the people you work with, it could give you a hiring advantage at that location once you graduate.

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3. Use multiple sources

Get creative when searching for internships for nursing students. There are online resources that offer lists to get you started, but make sure to take advantage of your personal and professional networks as well. 

Ask your instructors, classmates, family and friends so they all know you're on the hunt. There are also professional conferences and social opportunities that can offer internship information.

4. Treat it like a job

Although internships for nursing students are designed for teaching, and many are unpaid, it's still important to approach your search professionally. Make sure to update your resume and take time to prepare for any nursing interviews you're offered. 

You want to make a good impression on any company you contact for an internship opportunity because it could have an impact on your search for work once you graduate.

5. Be open to internships in different specialties

When it comes to exploring different specialties, internships for nursing students are an excellent opportunity. Taking advantage of internships offers you the chance to spend short amounts of time in a variety of positions without the professional consequences that often come with job hopping. 

If you're unable to find a position in your preferred field, be willing to try other areas in case you stumble on something you love more.

If you are looking for an internship for nursing students, use the 5 tips above in your search and take advantage of every opportunity thrown your way!


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