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  • Nursing Management & Executive Jobs Service

    NurseChoice's nursing management and executive jobs service provides a concierge experience to RNs who are looking for leadership positions in a variety of specialties. Simply complete the form at the right and you'll hear from us soon.

    We take the guesswork out of the executive nursing job search, with benefits including:

    • One-on-one service from a dedicated nursing leadership recruiter
    • High hourly pay plus bonus incentives
    • Day-one healthcare and dental benefits
    • Fully arranged travel, car rentals and housing, including furnishings
    • Assignments from 4 weeks to several months and longer

    Who Should Apply?

    • Nurses seeking positions as charge nurses, nurse managers, assistant nurse managers, chief nursing officers, and jobs as director of nursing services
    • Experienced RNs who are interested in taking their career to the next level
    • Candidates that need help finding the ideal nursing management positions 

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    A Great Benefits Package is Waiting for our Valuable Travel Nurses

    NurseChoice offers a comprehensive compensation package to all of our valuable nurses.

    RN's who pursue leaderships positions, including management, administration and executive nursing jobs will not only enjoy a concierge experience to new and exciting nursing jobs, but also a variety of great benefits, including day one healthcare and dental coverage, 401(k) options, free housing, and a variety of other perks that will make their lives as travel nurses convenient and lucrative.

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    The Multi-State License for Nursing Leadership Jobs & Positions

    NurseChoice's dedicated recruiters are here to help you find administrative, executive and management nursing jobs in a variety of locations.

    The compact state nursing license is an all encompassing license that allows you to work in the states that are part of the compact. Ask your recruiter about this option, and remember, we are always here to help you get licensed in new locations. Let's work together to put you to work close to family, in urban sprawl or remote locations. It's your choice at NurseChoice.

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    If You're New to Travel Nursing, We've Got Answers

    If you're an experienced nursing professional pursuing administrative, management and executive leadership positions, but have never lived the life of a travel nurse, we've got answers to your questions regarding this interesting career path.

    To help, we've assembled a list of the most commonly asked questions. Learn more about life on the road, traveling with pets, the types of facilities available, completion bonuses, travel reimbursement and more by accessing the helpful link below.


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