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Contracts Available for All Nursing Specialties

All Nursing Specialties are Welcome to a NurseChoice Contract

NurseChoice welcomes all nursing specialties to apply for a short-term contract, rapid response nursing job, or a nurse contract. View the specialties below to learn more about the highest-paid nursing jobs and the benefits they bring to your career and day-to-day life. If you are inquiring about a specific specialty or job, connect with a NurseChoice recruiter today for the details you need.

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Short-Term ER Contract Nurse Jobs

Short-term ER contract nurse jobs through NurseChoice run an average of three to 13 weeks, making it easy to build onto your career in a way that works for you.

$1,865 - $3,659/week

Short-Term ICU Contract Nurse Jobs

ICU nurses are in very high demand right now, and we have current job listings available at NurseChoice so you can see what's out there and start making your next career move.


Labor and Delivery Contract Nurse Jobs

When you accept a contract position as a labor and delivery nurse with NurseChoice, you can earn up to $3,315 per week.


NICU Contract Nursing Jobs

These are highly sought-after positions, as many RNs find the work rewarding, and contract NICU positions let you build your resume while you seek adventure. NurseChoice has assignments available across the country.


Medical Surgical Contract Nurse Jobs

NurseChoice has med-surg contract positions across the nation to choose from, letting you expand your career while also visiting unique places and checking things off your bucket list. 


Operating Room (OR) Contract Nursing Jobs

We help qualified OR nurses connect with healthcare facilities in rural and urban areas, on special projects, and in rapid or crisis response situations.


Progressive Care Unit (PCU) Travel Nursing Jobs and Salary

NurseChoice has high-paying contract positions across the country for progressive care unit nurses looking for short-term contract positions, particularly as rapid or crisis response RNs.


Contract Post-Anesthesia Care Unit Nursing Jobs

PACU contracts can be related to rapid or crisis response needs, special projects or simply staffing or skills shortages in a city or region. Start your PACU nursing job search today!


Contract PICU Nursing Jobs

Short-term contracts for travel PICU nurses run on average from 3 to 13 weeks. They generally are offered in hospitals but can be part of special projects or crisis or rapid response needs. 


Telemetry Contract Nurse Jobs

While pay depends on factors that include your own experience, the type of facility offering the assignment, and geographic location, you can make up to $3,306 per week as a telemetry nurse with NurseChoice.