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Implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s): An AMN Success Story

The Challenge

The customer wanted to implement an EMR (electronic medical records) system without compromising the delivery of cost effective, quality patient care or reducing the volume of patients treated during the period of core staffs’ pre-go-live and post-implementation training. In addition, they wanted assistance in determining the appropriate number of nursing staff needed to maintain levels of customer service and care. Finally, they wanted a temporary nursing staff that could not only provide essential nursing duties, but also act as support personnel to help existing staff better understand, and use, the new EMR system.

Facility leaders realized early on that timing, quality, and experience were needed to get the job done right. With patient safety on the line, there was no margin for error. Prior to their go-live date, senior leaders at the facility consulted with NurseChoice to learn more about best practices for utilizing supplemental RNs to meet their implementation deadline.

NurseChoice Recommended the Following Best Practices:

  • A clinical liaison team (skilled RNs) should handle the interview process, reducing time off the floor for nurse managers
  • Nurse candidates should be sent to the hospital for final approval once they had completed the interview process
  • Only experienced RNs should be used to support core staff’s ease of transition into technology
  • Fewer, more experienced nurses were necessary to preserve continuity of care, patient safety, and nurse satisfaction

The Solution

NurseChoice provided experienced, rapid response nurses that specialized in short-term travel assignments. Because NurseChoice only provided nurses that had experience working with different computerized charting systems, core staff could look to them for support while they were learning and adjusting to the new system.

A customer spokesperson noted, "I chose AMN because it was recommended to me as a solid company with a reputation for quality. I would have to say, after working with AMN, our computer conversion experience with AMN was an extremely positive one. "

The Results

The facility had originally planned to use as many as 67 per diem nurses to cover staffing during their implementation, but were able to reduce that number to ten agency RNs who were already experienced in computer conversions. The experienced supplemental nurses offered better continuity of care, increased patient safety, and more integrated support to their core staff, and because they were experienced in computer conversions, fewer RNs were needed to manage the implementation.

The facility’s Director of Nursing commented, “AMN consulted with me frequently during the entire process. They took a lot off my plate by managing the overall staffing coverage. Starting with the interview process, they worked hard to find the right candidates and make the process seamless.”

NurseChoice staffing solutions met both the facility’s clinical and financial needs, significantly reducing anticipated implementation costs. Our rapid response travel nurses, who typically worked 48-60 hour weeks, meant fewer additional nurses were needed, making the process more cost effective.

In addition, scheduling needs were much easier to fill as our nursing staff understood the challenges of an EMR implementation, and were ready to help existing nursing staff with both patient care and questions regarding the new system.

The facility’s director of nursing expressed relief in finding a partner that understood what was needed to execute a successful implementation. “We needed to get the right staff in place during the implementation. AMN offered a way to cover the computer implementation staffing period effectively, and with fewer nurses than we had originally anticipated; they did all this while maintaining our quality and patient safety…that was key!”


Request Information

For more information on how NurseChoice, an AMN Healthcare company, can help with your computer conversion, call 866-274-3051 or visit www.amnhealthcare.com to request additional information.


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