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EMR Nurse Staffing Solutions

EMR Nurse Staffing Solutions

EMR Conversion and Implementation Nurse Staffing 

At NurseChoice, we have been on the forefront of EMR and EHR nurse staffing for healthcare providers since government regulations first set forth new mandates for conversion from paper to electronic record keeping. 

We have qualified, experienced, registered nursing personnel who can help keep your facility on task during the transition to these types of electronic systems. 

What our EMR Conversion Services Can Do For You

Since 2005, we have supported EMR conversion initiatives for hundreds of hospitals, providing short-term, critical workforce solutions and trained nursing personnel in as little as two days, for terms ranging from 4- 13 weeks.

Our EHR staffing support provides trained nursing personnel who are familiar with the leading EMR systems, and can act as consultants on the most popular electronic record keeping systems, including Athena, Praxis, Epic, SaaS, Meditouch, Eclipsys, GE, McKesson, Optimus, Altapoint, MEDITECH, Vista, and Siemens.

NurseChoice can help provide answers—and solutions—to your most critical questions regarding EMR conversions and implementation, including:

  • How can we ensure that our patients are well cared for and still meet our ‘Go-Live’ timetable?
  • What kind of efficiency loss might occur following the system conversion?
  • How many extra clinicians will we need to support our staff, and when?
  • Where can we find healthcare professionals who know this software?
  • How do I manage the schedule so everyone on my staff can attend EMR training?

Read Some of Our EMR Conversion Success Stories

  • Computer Conversion Made Easy: Travel Nurses Aid in EMR Transition

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    Computer Conversion Made Easy: Travel Nurses Aid in EMR Transition

    The Challenge

    During this time of immense change, South Georgia turned to AMN Healthcare’s NurseChoice division, and their EMR experienced, quick-start, short-term staffing solutions, to help the hospital plan for their evolving needs. With access to the largest network of healthcare professionals, SGMC was able to find the nurses they needed at the times they needed them.
    For more information on the NurseChoice Computer Conversion Program, and how we can help your EMR staffing needs, visit, call (866) 603-4529, or send an email to As a critical component of patient care, nurses have to constantly adapt to changes in technology. One of the newest, most widespread of these technological changes is the implementation of electronic medical records (EMRs). So when a facility such as South Georgia Medical Center wanted to convert from paper charts to EMRs, they needed to ensure that their patients would still receive the highest quality care while their core nursing staff was learning the new and complex EMR system. Amanda Wentworth, professional recruitment coordinator for SGMC summarized it like this.
    “We’ve gone through a lot of growth, and as our ER e Read Less

  • Implementing a Successful EMR

    AMN Partners with the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview: A Case Study Read More

    Implementing a Successful EMR

    The Challenge

    The medical center was about to implement its own EMR—a comprehensive, new electronic medical record (EMR) system—across all departments. A conversion of this magnitude would typically impact all of the facility’s clinicians as they learned the new system and a new set of processes. The facility’s administrators and nursing leadership worked hard to overcome the clinical challenges that came with the implementation. Fairview identified the following objectives for the EMR conversion period: 
    • Maintaining patient volume, care quality, and satisfaction throughout the implementation
    • Ensuring no loss of productivity during the conversion – an estimated 20% more nurses would be needed for a 4-week period across all shifts to offset the risk
    • Getting 225 qualified, temporary nurses on site less than two months after the staffing contract was awarded
    • Diverting resources to cover the estimated 8+ weeks in time needed to internally, recruit, onboard and oversee the hiring of 225 temporary nurses for the implementation

    The Solution

     AMN Healthcare’s dedicated clinical implementation EMR team par Read Less

  • Implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s): An AMN Success Story

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    Implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s): An AMN Success Story

    The Challenge

    The customer wanted to implement an EMR (electronic medical records) system without compromising the delivery of cost effective, quality patient care or reducing the volume of patients treated during the period of core staffs’ pre-go-live and post-implementation training. In addition, they wanted assistance in determining the appropriate number of nursing staff needed to maintain levels of customer service and care. Finally, they wanted a temporary nursing staff that could not only provide essential nursing duties, but also act as support personnel to help existing staff better understand, and use, the new EMR system. Facility leaders realized early on that timing, quality, and experience were needed to get the job done right. With patient safety on the line, there was no margin for error. Prior to their go-live date, senior leaders at the facility consulted with NurseChoice to learn more about best practices for utilizing supplemental RNs to meet their implementation deadline. NurseChoice Recommended the Following Best Practices:
    • A clinical liaison team (skilled RNs) should handle the interview process, reducing time off the floor for nurse managers
    • Nurse candidates should be sent to the hospital for fina Read Less

Preparing for an EMR Staffing Solution?

Here’s how NurseChoice Can Help Your Facility be our Next Success Story.

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NurseChoice is you EMR-EHR nurse staffing agency, specializing in workforce solutions before, during, and after your facility’s EMR conversion.

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