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Profiles and Features June 28, 2018

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

10 Things New Grad Nurses Should Know About Travel Nursing

In today’s job market, new grad nursing jobs can be hard to secure, but there are plenty of options out there for talented and eager new grad nurses who are just starting out. 

For instance, travel nursing is a great option for a flexible and driven new grad nurse with some clinical experience. 

The nurse staffing experts at NurseChoice offer the following information and tips for new grad nurses who want to know more about this exciting career option.

10 Things New Grad Nurses Should Know About Travel Nursing 

 1. Experience requirements have changed

One of our insider tips for new grad nurses is quite exciting...some hospitals are now allowing RNs to apply as travel nurses with less than one year of experience! These employers are also willing to provide extra support for newer nurses.

Some specialties still require more experience (up to two years), and it will vary by facility, but the fact that new grad nursing jobs are now available in travel nursing opens up a lot of possibilities. 

Once you have a few months of professional nursing experience in an acute care setting, it is time to start applying to travel and talk to a recruiter about your options. 

2. Travel nursing jobs are a great resume builder 

Gaining a deep nursing practice skill set should be a top focus for new grad nurses entering the workforce, and travel nursing is a great way to gain a broad base of clinical experience.

Travel nursing offers exposure to a variety of workplaces and settings, including top ranked facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and experienced nursing staff around the country who can share their insights, experience and best practices.

3. New graduate nurses can design their career path

Although some experience is required to get into travel nursing, once you get your foot in the door as a new grad nurse, you’ll have an unending dose of new experiences. 

You’ll work with a recruiter who can help you find travel nursing jobs in the facilities and specialties you want to pursue. 

You may concentrate on one area, or ask to gain exposure to different units while on a travel nursing assignment. 

Your recruiter can help guide you in the types of assignments that will provide just the right experience and support for your nursing career goals.

4. Job placement and relocation services are free

Travel nursing agencies like NurseChoice work on your behalf to find short-term assignments across the country. Your recruiter will help you through the entire process — at no cost to you. 

Recruiters connect you with appropriate travel jobs, arrange interviews, help you review contracts, and walk you through every step. They also advocate on your behalf and provide support during your assignment.

Travel nurse recruiters also work with a team of specialists who help with everything from licensing issues and documentation requirements to arranging housing and processing your paychecks.

5. Travel nurses earn top pay and benefits 

As a new grad nurse, we understand that you have school loans and bills to pay. That is why finding new grad nursing jobs with good pay and benefits is so important. 

Travel nursing offers extremely competitive pay, and most travel nursing agencies offer company-paid benefits including medical, dental, 401k, continuing education and more. 

Due to the short-term, quick-response nature of our assignments, NurseChoice offers some of the highest travel nurse salaries in the industry, plus a full array of travel nursing benefits.

6. Travel jobs include free housing and paid travel expenses

Say goodbye to your parent’s basement or that hefty rent bill—the majority of travel nursing companies offer FREE housing for their travel nurses! 

This can take the form of free, company-arranged housing or a housing stipend. 

Most agencies will also cover many of your travel and relocation costs, and pay for any new state nursing licenses you need to obtain.

7. You’ll make new friends and professional contacts

One of our top tips for new grad nurses involves networking and making the most of your connections — which you will make plenty of as a travel nurse. 

Making new personal and professional connections is one of the top benefits of travel nursing. After a few assignments, you could have a network of friends and colleagues across the entire United States. Staying in touch can pay big benefits for your future job searches.

8. You’ll enjoy adventure and exploration 

Travel nursing is one of the few careers that pays you to travel while doing what you love.

Each travel nursing assignment brings fresh experiences and new excitement as you explore a new city and discover new restaurants, museums, parks and things to do. Even the road trips to each new job are an adventure!

Cross dream destinations off your bucket list, and stretch yourself by trying new sports, new foods, and unique regional activities that you can’t find at home.

9. You can pick when and where you work

When you partner with a recruiter at a travel nursing agency like NurseChoice, you can pick from assignments available all over the country. 

Choose from assignments in certain cities or certain types of facilities, such as teaching facilities, specialty hospitals, Magnet hospitals, outpatient clinics, etc.

If you want to take back-to-back assignments all year and then take an extended vacation, or plan short getaways between every assignment, the choice is yours! 

10. You’ll never get bored

While some people find contentment working in the same building and same town year after year, others crave fresh scenery and exposure to new techniques. The latter will find travel nursing could be a great fit. 

As a new grad nurse embarking on a travel nursing career, you’ll enjoy starting fresh every few weeks (assignments are generally 4-13 weeks) — allowing you to grow your career, enjoy variety and stay at the top of your nursing game!

LEARN MORE about the benefits of travel nursing for new graduate nurses.

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