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Contract Nursing October 18, 2016

Travel Nursing Assignments for All Personalities

Travel nurses come in all shapes and sizes. Some RNs try travel nursing for the adventure, while others are looking for great pay.

One thing all travel nurses have in common is, when they decide to become a traveler, they’re choosing more than a job, they’re choosing a lifestyle that provides them with freedom, flexibility and choice.

Fortunately, travel nurse assignments are as different as the RNs who want to travel. NurseChoice offers a wide variety of contract types and lengths to suit almost any personality:

13-week Assignment
Traditional travel nurses often choose longer-term 13-week assignments that allow them to get to know the staff, the facility, and the area. Travel nurses who choose longer assignments are often motivated by the desire to travel, scope out a future home, or live near family. For some, a 13-week assignment can be like going home--at least for a while.

8-week Assignments
Often RNs want to take assignments that are closer to home, without the longer commitment of a traditional assignment. They like the flexibility of staying long enough to get to know a facility, learn new technology and improve their skills, but not so long that they get bored. By working in 8-week assignments, clinicians can make a name for themselves and integrate with the staff, especially if they’re looking for future opportunities in that facility. Shorter assignments also provide opportunities for retired RNs to keep up their skills and earn great money, without committing to a full-time staff position.

4-week Assignment
RNs who want to earn great pay and who are able to start a position with little notice and don’t mind being thrown into the thick of things (like filling in during a strike or during an EMR conversion project), typically prefer 4-week assignments. They are often motivated by the money they can make in a short time. Between high pay, overtime, bonuses and incentives, and guaranteed hours, a travel nurse can pocket a large sum of money in a matter of weeks. Plus, 4-week assignments mean that if the clinician doesn’t love a facility, they can move on without any hassle.

The travel nurse lifestyle comes with a lot of benefits. From high pay, to a 401(K) to free housing, NurseChoice offers something for everyone.  If you’re interested in a travel nurse career and would like to explore the options available to you, search jobs in your specialty and get started on the next chapter of your life.

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