Boston MA with the State House at dusk
Contract Nursing August 4, 2016

6 Reasons to Try Nursing Jobs in Massachusetts

Could Travel RN Jobs In MA Could Be Your Next Big Adventure?

As the demand for experienced nurses continues to rise, more and more nursing jobs in Massachusetts have become available--for both staff and travel nurses. The Bay State is home to some of the most highly regarded and nurse-friendly hospitals in the country; these facilities value their nurses and offer rewarding and interactive environments. 

But travel RN jobs in MA offer a lot more than just professional rewards.

Why Work In Massachusetts? Here Are 6 Good Reasons:


1.    It’s the heart of New England. Massachusetts’ central locale in the Northeast includes gems like Boston, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod--while Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and even New York are basically a stone’s throw away. Neighboring New Hampshire is also sales-tax free, making shopping jaunts an easy must-do to the state’s many outlet malls and antique shops. 

2.    City and country types are equally at home here. Do you long for white picket fences, historical country charm and towns that will make you think you walked into an episode of “The Gilmore Girls”? Or do you prefer vibrant city neighborhoods with a range of culinary delights, art and culture? You’ll find it all in Massachusetts. Camp and hike in the Berkshires, spend a day at the beach or an evening out on the town, hitting up eateries, cafes, art galleries and the like. 

3.    Boston. Hands down, one of the easiest and friendliest cities to explore, you’ll find anything you could want in Bean Town. The “T” and other modes of public transportation make having your own car completely unnecessary when trying to get around the city, and most areas are walkable and scenic. Craft beer tasting, museums, live music, historical sites … this isn’t a place that breeds boredom. 

4.    Sports. The Red Sox and Fenway Park, the Celtics, the Bruins, the Patriots … the list goes on. Whatever your sport of choice, at either the college level or pro, Massachusetts is the place to be. You’ll even find the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. And if you prefer to get out on the athletic field yourself, you’ll find sports clubs for lacrosse, soccer, hockey, softball, rugby and more.

5.    It’s heaven for history buffs. There are so many historical sites in Massachusetts, it’s hard to know where to start. Remember learning about the Mayflower back in kindergarten? Well this is where it all went down. Visit Plymouth Rock (it’s much smaller than you imagined), walk the Freedom Trail and see the home of Paul Revere, the Old North Church, and more. You’ll also find the home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the “Cheers” bar and Lizzie Borden’s house, and you can spend Halloween in the location of the Salem witch trials. You can even eat at the oldest restaurant in the country, the Union Oyster House in Boston. This short list barely touches the tip of the Americana iceberg that is Massachusetts.

6.    The food! Between the oysters, “lobstah,” “chowdah”, pizza, cannoli and so much more, the fare in Massachusetts will make your taste buds happy. Boston clam chowder received its namesake from the City on the Hill after all, so if you’re a seafood lover, don’t be shy--this is your place. And if you’re a Starbucks lover, well, this is Dunkin Donuts’ country; it’s time to give the Double Ds a chance.  

This list is not exhaustive, but you can begin to see that there are numerous reasons to take your nursing skills and your wanderlust to the great state of Massachusetts!


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