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News May 7, 2021

5 Benefits of Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing Jobs

By Jennifer Larson, contributor

Childbirth is one of the most amazing–and stressful–experiences in a woman’s life. And labor and delivery nurses are with them, every step of the way.

Communities all over the United States have laboring mothers who could benefit from your expertise as a labor and delivery (L&D) travel nurse.

If you’ve worked your entire career in one place--or even several places--you might be wondering why you should consider taking your L&D expertise on the road; here are just a few.

5 reasons to consider labor and delivery travel nurse jobs

1. It’s your chance to explore new places

One of the most rewarding aspects of travel nursing is the opportunity to live in a new place and explore all that it has to offer.

What cities appeal to you? Dallas? Seattle? Denver? San Diego? All sorts of opportunities are available for nurses who are interested in a labor and delivery travel nursing job.

You can try one place and then choose an entirely different place for your next assignment, if that appeals to you. Many travel nurses have a bucket list of places they’d like to visit and work, and recruiters can assist with any new state licenses you may require.

But some nurses prefer to stay a little closer to home, or to their extended family. For example, you might have family in Upstate New York or near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. You could ask your recruiter to help you find positions that are closer to your family and friends.

And when you’re not at work, you can set out for an adventure. Whether that’s hiking, biking, shopping, eating, or just playing tourist, you’ll have plenty to do and see. (Warn your Instagram followers now so they’ll be prepared for the upcoming deluge of posts and photos.)

2. You can create your own work calendar

Open your calendar on your smartphone or tablet and consider what your ideal schedule would look like.

Want to take a 13-week assignment as a labor and delivery travel nurse and give yourself some time to get settled? Or would you prefer a short-term gig, perhaps only four or eight weeks long? What about alternating longer and shorter assignments? Would you prefer to take a couple of back-to-back assignments, or do you enjoy staggering your assignments with a break in the middle for a little leisure travel, or just some downtime to rest?

You have all of those options available to you through travel nurse jobs with NurseChoice.

3. You’ll find financial benefits

If one of your priorities in your job hunting is your financial bottom line, you’re not alone. Travel nursing is a good way to build up a solid nest egg, and the short-term assignments at NurseChoice pay better than most. You can find an array of labor and delivery travel nursing jobs that pay up to $2,800 per week, and that doesn’t include bonuses and other compensation.

You’ll also have several options for bonuses, including the My Time Bonus, which offers an additional $100 for every extra 10 hours of work, as well as the Refer an RN Friend program, which rewards you for spreading the word to others seeking travel nursing jobs.

4. You’ll enjoy free housing and other benefits

The chance to live somewhere fun and make a great salary are key reasons to travel as an L&D nurse, but there are other benefits when you work with NurseChoice, as well:

  • Free housing. You don’t have to pay rent while you’re on a travel nursing assignment. That’s money that stays in your bank account. You can stay in corporate-sponsored housing, or take advantage of a monthly housing stipend and find your own place to live. Plus, we provide travel reimbursements, too.
  • Insurance and retirement plans. L&D travel nurses can take advantage of free life insurance, liability insurance, health insurance, and a 401K plan.
  • Free continuing education. You can earn continuing education units (CEUs) through our service partner, which is recommended for labor and delivery nurses who want to stay at the top of their game.
  • Clinical support. We have a team of clinical liaisons who are always available to you when you have questions about clinical matters or related concerns.

5. You’ll experience professional growth

Another benefit of working labor and delivery travel nursing jobs is the chance to refine your clinical skills and build your resume. You’ll learn best practices in a variety of settings, and you might be able to contribute a few things you’ve learned, as well. Ultimately, your patients will benefit because you’ve learned something new--or taught someone else.

L&D travel assignments also offer professional networking opportunities. Just think of all the people you’ll meet during each assignment; these contacts can offer clinical advice, mentorship or help in a future job search. And you’re likely to make some great friends during your travels, too.

NurseChoice has dozens of labor and delivery travel nursing jobs across the U.S.


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